Hospital Summary:

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Northwestern Medical Center is a vibrant, not-for-profit, primary care hospital nestled at the top of Fairfield Street in St. Albans, Vermont. Our size brings a family feel to our modern facility, and we pride ourselves on bringing a broad range of high-tech medical equipment & services to our region. Thanks to that balance and the incredible care provided by our staff, we have earned national Avatar awards in five consecutive years for overall patient satisfaction! Thank you for your interest in knowing more about our organization.

Northwestern Medical Center’s strength as a vital and valued community resource is built upon a clear understanding of why we exist, where we need to be, and the principles which guide us along the way. This is expressed through our Mission, Vision and Values – statements which shape our long-term strategic planning and inform our daily decision making.

Our Mission

NMC’s mission is to provide exceptional healthcare for our community.

Our Vision

NMC’s vision is to be nationally recognized for excellence and value in healthcare and as a destination of choice for patients, staff, and providers.

Our Values

• Our People and Our Community
• Exceptional Care
• Personalized Service
• Innovation
• Financial Strength
• Partnerships
• Wellness and Prevention

For more information about our hospital, visit Northwestern Medical Center